Coolcept Women Elegant Peep Toe Sandals Heels Blue mYS0LZRSB

Coolcept Women Elegant Peep Toe Sandals Heels Blue mYS0LZRSB
  • Outer Material: Synthetic
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Closure: Zip
  • Heel Height: 13.5 centimetres
  • Heel Type: Stiletto
Coolcept Women Elegant Peep Toe Sandals Heels Blue mYS0LZRSB Coolcept Women Elegant Peep Toe Sandals Heels Blue mYS0LZRSB Coolcept Women Elegant Peep Toe Sandals Heels Blue mYS0LZRSB

Advantages / Disadvantages of Using a Sub-folder for your Blog or CMS

When you first install a blog on your site, you are faced with the decision of whether to put your blog into a subdirectory (folder), like "", or just let your blog be accessed from your main URL, like "". No one answer fits all, since there are advantages and disadvantages to either of these options. This article gives you the good points and downsides of both alternative so that you can evaluate what is best for your site.

If you intend your website to be more than a blog, for example, if you intend to sell goods or services from your site, putting your blog into a folder or sub-directory has certain advantages. In particular, your main page can then be freed to advertise your products or services and link to your shopping cart. From that page, you can still have a link to your blog.

When your site serves different purposes, putting your blog on the main page has the potential to decrease your sales, cause confusion among your customers and make your site look unprofessional. Think about it. What do all blogs look like? No matter how you change the theme or appearance, all blogs have certain visual features in common. They typically have a series of posts on their main pages, linking to the actual articles. Except for a slogan underneath the name of the blog, all the other content on the page usually move off the page as new posts are made.

This works against you since the expectations of people wanting to buy things is that they can immediately see either a list of products on your main page or information about your company and the kind of things it sells. From there, they can navigate to the price lists or product description pages, and so on. Having a blog front page may lose you some visitors who, unaccustomed to your unusual layout, may not be able to find what they are there to do, or think that they have arrived at the wrong site.

As mentioned in one of my other articles , most blog software create pages dynamically. They depend on a chain of facilities, from scripts (programs) running on the web server to database servers supplying data, to deliver a single page to your visitors. A failure at any point in that chain, such as the database server being too bogged down to reply to additional requests, means that your web page can no longer be delivered.

In view of this, separating your non-blog pages like your product pages and ordering pages from your database-dependent blog system is probably wise. While your blog may be the apple of your eye, since you invested so much time writing for it, its "down" time will probably not cost you as much as your product and ordering pages being unavailable. You will want the latter pages to be static pages, dependent only on the web server.

On some web hosts, the root directory of your website contains links to a variety of built-in facilities provided by the host. For example, they may place links to your control panel or to your web statistics, accessible by browser using a URL like

Very informative and helpful. One thing I may add that during such presentations where at outset ppl feel sleepy due to technical nature, it will be good to keep asking small advises from audience to keep them involved. Otherwise, when everyone ended yawning, the presenter starts!


Rupnarayan Bose says

Two points that I’d like to add: 1) Tell them a story. I do. Everything you want to say, every point you want to make, every topic or theme that you want to present – has a beginning, a middle and an ending. A story keeps the audience interested. 2) The Pause: It’s a vital tool, as you have stated. It can be used with telling effect. It can help to break the monotony, can be used as a break between ‘chapters’ – especially during a day-long lecture session. A sudden pause can generate anticipation, draw the focus of the audience, make them attentive to what you are going to say next. It can draw the audience in.


Dominique says

Great ideas indeed. Try to think like Steve Jobs and wow the audience with charisma and tell a story instead of death by PowerPoint.


mark says

While #9 is useful it is actually the easiest part of public speaking. In fact, it is the thing that makes the rest of it all fall into place, including overcoming stage fright. The best way to overcome stage fright is to understand how to do #9, then do it, then practice, then know that you are ready.


Leon Mann says

Great insight and article Dave!, one of my biggest mistakes in public speaking I made was talking in monotone my audience would be bored very easily then I discovered ways to differentiate my tone my audience became much more engaged this article was spot on to appear calm and cool a little pause also will convey confidence along with a change in tone and certain emphasis in points you want to get across to the audience.


Kym Harris says

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A proven methodology and tools for business transformation and the adoption of cloud technology

Thoughtfully tailored and bespoke business solutions to fulfil your individual requirements

We are a team of highly-driven creative thinkers that thrive on providing solutions to the most demanding digital challenges. Led by our Global CEO Elizabeth Vega, we combine a passion for technology and data-driven solutions with practical advice and a friendly, collaborative approach.

About Us Careers

Established in 1992, we are a leading independent professional services IT practice

We invest tremendous effort and resources in recruiting, training and developing our people to become digital leaders of the future

As recognised thought leaders in our field, our people contribute to industry associations, champion technology as a force for good and are global influencers. We also have an enviable track record of winning prestigious awards

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Partners that share in our values and principles have helped drive our achievements and build an outstanding reputation for more than 25 years

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Choosing The Best Handlebars For Your Dirt Bike or ATV

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Handlebars from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Few parts come in as many usable variations as dirt bike handlebars. You get to decide among multiple brands, colors, sizes, styles and bends. Most handlebars are universal (though sometimes only with applicable sizing adapters), so your options are pretty wide open regardless of your bike.

If you’re looking to upgrade your handlebars for a different feel or look – or even if you need to replace them due to bending your previous bars – you’ll find a great selection at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. We carry dozens of different bends for both 7/8" and 1 1/8" handlebars that come in several great colors to enhance your bike’s existing look. We carry major brands like Renthal, ProTaper, Mika Metals, Tag, Fasst and many others.

You can browse our selection on this page, or you can utilize the filters on the left side of the page to narrow the selection down to meet your preferences. If you already know what you’re after, dig in and get yourself new handlebars. If you need a bit of guidance, feel free to check out our guide provided below.

Handlebar Diameter

Dirt bike handlebars come in two diameters: 7/8" and 1 1/8". The smaller size (7/8") is older and is sometimes considered the standard size. The larger size (1 1/8") was introduced in 1991, and handlebars in this size are often called “fat bars” or simply oversized bars. Fat bars measure 1 1/8" in the clamp area but taper to 7/8" at the handles so that they fit standard grips.

There are several advantages to using oversized bars. They tend to be stronger and are less likely to bend. Many of them don’t use crossbars, which is a style that some riders prefer. However, unless the bike is built specifically for fat bars, they require sizing adapters. They’re also more expensive than equivalent 7/8" bars.

Dirt Bike Handlebar Bends

There are three primary measurements for a handlebar:

Handlebar brands name bends according to types of machines that often run them (e.g. Kawasaki, CR, ATV), famous riders who used them (e.g. Carmichael, Windham, Stewart), or riding style that makes good use of them (e.g. MX race, Woods). However, the bend that you choose is completely up to your preferences.

Picking the Right Bend for You

There are numerous methods of identifying a good bend for your personal tastes, and there is no correct way to choose. A simple method is to analyze what you feel would be more comfortable based on your existing handlebar bend.

Another method encourages you to do 20 pushups, sit on your bike with your eyes closed, and position your hands where you imagine the handlebars should go (both straight and in a turn).

The “right” bend for you is whatever feels most comfortable. However, you might want to note that if you sit down a lot (such as in more casual trail riding), you might gravitate toward a handlebar with plenty of pull back, while if you stand a lot (such as if you race motocross), you might want a straighter bar.

There are numerous different bends. Fortunately, we’ve made it easy to quickly scan the width, height and pull back of all the bends we carry in a single location – our handlebar measurements page .

Altering Sizes


Height is one of the three primary measurements of a bar’s bend. Choosing a bend isn’t the only way to influence the height; you can also utilize risers . Getting the right height is particularly important if you’re tall. Fortunately, many bends come in “high” versions that are specifically designed to accommodate taller riders.

Keep in mind that if you set your handlebars too high, they will be uncomfortable while sitting, but if they are too low, they can limit your range of motion.


Some riders who race in the woods cut a small piece off each end of the handlebar to make it narrower. This makes it easier to avoid hitting trees. However, bars that are cut too far will not handle as well. In general, you should use handlebars that are as wide as your shoulder, and the manufactured size works fine.

Pull Back

When you clamp your handlebars, you can pull them toward you before tightening the clamps. While limited variation is fine, beware of excessive modification as it can position the handles awkwardly for your wrists.


Handlebars were traditionally made of steel. However, many modern handlebars utilize an aluminum alloy. Aluminum handlebars are just as strong as steel but offer significantly more flexibility.

Flexibility is important as it can make your ride more comfortable and even reduce arm pump. When shopping for a handlebar, be sure to pay attention to details in the product description that mention impact absorption and flexibility. Some handlebars – such as the Fasst Flexx – are specifically engineered to maximize flexibility.

If you bend your handlebars in a crash, replace them. Bent bars do not handle as well (or as predictably), creating an uncomfortable and possibly even dangerous riding condition. Avoid bending the bars back into their original shape as it compromises the structural integrity of the bars; they can more easily break. Instead, do the safe thing and replace them entirely.

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