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By Lalit Indoria Published May 10, 2017 Updated July 27th, 2017

This post has been co-authored by Aswin Anand and Lalit Indoria, who are part of the UI Engineering teamat Qubole.

The front end team at Qubole has been striving to provide the best web experience possible. In our efforts to achieve this, we rolled out a new version of the Les Tropéziennes par M Belarbi Women’s Hemir Sling Back Sandals Grey Etain 95rbWwx
which is an advanced and interactive application powered by Ember.js.

When we decided to revamp our existing cluster management page, we wanted it to be reliable, fast and engaging. That said, we also wanted to get rid of writing boilerplate code and reinventing the wheel. We needed a framework that could help us reduce the time taken in arriving at architectural decisions. While we explored Angular JS, React JS and BackBone for building our new application, we were highly impressed with the way Ember JS could fit into our current architecture with RoR running on the server. Ember JS has a strong community that is committed to make Ember the best way to build interactive modern applications. Ember JS is a technology none of us in the front-end team were familiar with, but the community has been very supportive in guiding us about how we could exploit the framework’s features to build an interactive application.

This blog post outlines how Ember has helped us scale our front-end stack and our experience building the most interactive single page application within Qubole.

Building an application without a framework increases the burden on developers in taking technological decisions and often leads to Tom Tailor Women’s 3795004 Biker Boots Gris Gris Coal jRusbI4Bi
. Fortunately, Ember Data is a service that solves the problem by leveraging Serializers that serializes the data sent to and received from the server using the JSON API format . To minimize the effort of sending data in JSON API format, we can easily customize these serializers or use our own serializers to make sure our Ember application is compatible with any backend framework. Ember Data works well with JSON APIs over HTTP as well as with streaming WebSockets.

Debugging issues in an application is an integral part of any developer’s job and Ember Inspector helps you do that in the best way possible. Ember Inspector is a browser addon that helps you debug your ember application and integrates very well with Ember Data. The Data tab in Ember inspector shows the list of model types defined in the application along with the number of records loaded for each model type.

Every cluster in the clusters listing page in Qubole represents a single record. The data tab in Ember inspector shows the number of records loaded which is also the number of clusters you have in your account. The Ember Data tab lists those records and allows us to inspect every cluster’s data that has been loaded in the model. We could also change this information within the inspector to see how the UI reacts to the change. For example, we could simply change the state of a cluster within Ember Inspector to “DOWN” and the cluster would then appear to be down in the clusters listing page. This is particularly useful when you wish to test the application with different data sets without having to modify the API response or hardcode any of those values into the application.

Spiral rings #

Traversing the rings one by one in a spiral pattern, we can fill in the interior:

The area of the larger hexagon will be the sum of the circumferences, plus 1 for the center; use this formula to help you calculate the area.

Visiting the hexes this way can also be used to calculate Lolittas Summer Beach Boho Wedge Sandals for Women LadiesBohemian Wedding Embellished High Heel Platform Wide Fit Peep Toe Outdoor Holiday Shoes Size 28 Purple h10YaFv1Ur

Given a location and a distance, what is visible from that location, not blocked by obstacles? The simplest way to do this is to draw a line to every hex that’s in range. If the line doesn’t hit any walls, then you can see the hex. Mouse over a hex to see the line being drawn to that hex, and which walls it hits.

This algorithm can be slow for large areas but it’s so easy to implement that it’s what I recommend starting with.

There are many different ways to define what’s “visible”. Do you want to be able to see the center of the other hex from the center of the starting hex? Do you want to see any part of the other hex from the center of the starting point? Maybe any part of the other hex from any part of the starting point? Are there obstacles that occupy less than a complete hex? Field of view turns out to be trickier and more varied than it might seem at first. Start with the simplest algorithm, but expect that it may not compute exactly the answer you want for your project. There are even situations where the simple algorithm produces results that are illogical.

Show Shine Womens Sweet Nubuck Highheel Chunky Platform Mary Jane Shoes Rose Red ZTbYcH
describes a “start at center and move outwards” algorithm to calculate field of view. Also see the Duelo project, which has an Cuple Women’s 103055 Pv16102 Ballet Flats Beige Crema IYXxOOPFz
and code on Github. Also see my article on 2d visibility calculation for an algorithm that works on polygons, including hexagons. For grids, the roguelike community has a nice set of algorithms for square grids (see and and ); some of them might be adapted for hex grids.

For hex to pixel, it’s useful to review the size and spacing diagram at the top of the page.

For axial coordinates, the way to think about hex to pixel conversion is to look at the . The arrow (0,0)→(1,0) is the q basis vector (x=sqrt(3), y=0) and (0,0)→(0,1) is the r basis vector (x=sqrt(3)/2, y=3/2) . The pixel coordinate is . For example, the hex at (1,1) is the sum of 1 q vector and 1 r vector. A hex at (3,2) would be the sum of 3 q vectors and 2 r vectors.

The code for or is:

This can also be viewed as a matrix multiply, where the basis vectors are the columns of the matrix:

The matrix approach will come in handy later when we want to Reebok CL LTHR NBK Sneaker women Pinknbsp; 0EGQVX
. To invert the process of hex-to-pixel into a pixel-to-hex process, we will invert the hex-to-pixel matrix into a pixel-to-hex matrix.

For offset coordinates, we need to offset either the column or row number (it will no longer be an integer).

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